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General Discussion / Advice On THE GREAT DIVIDE off-road tour
« on: May 23, 2007, 03:26:37 pm »

A warm greeting to all from San Francisco!

I am contemplating a tour on the full Great Divide route from Banff,
Canada to the Mexico/U.S. border (roughly 2,700 miles).  

If anyone has experience with this trip, I would greatly value the
opportunity to touch base.  

What was your adventure like?  I welcome news about good, bad,
wonderful, memorable, and ugly portions of the trip.  How long did
your trip take?  How challenging are water and other issues?  

Right now, my plan is to leave from Banff around August 10th and ride
south.  I may be carrying photography and film gear so I anticipate the
trip will take roughly two months.    

I completed the Trans America Trail (Yorktown, Virginia to SF,
California) and the West Coast route (Vancouver, Canada to Tijuana,
Mexico) as well as a long trip in Europe.  Each of these trips was
incredible.  These, however, were road adventures.  I have a passion
for mountain biking, but no experience with a long-distance off road
travel.  I am a "NEWBE".

Thanks for any input you may have ...

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