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CD Guide to Canada's Prince Edward Island by Wally and Barbara Smith.  Contains over 100 pages of info including maps and color photos, detailed directions for road cycling on Prince Edward Island (PEI).  This guide really helped when we cycled here a few summers ago.  You can view it all then just print out what you need so you aren't carrying a big book.  Disc year is 2006.  In new condition.  $15 includes shipping. 

Classifieds / Biking Prince Edward Island (PEI) CD for sale
« on: April 27, 2008, 02:22:36 pm »
Barely used "Biking Prince Edward Island" CD by Wally and Barbara Smith.  A complete cycling guide to Canada's Island Province including maps, photos, text.  $12 includes US shipping.

Gear Talk / bar end vs brifter shifting for touring bike?
« on: January 09, 2008, 10:28:51 pm »
I'm a small woman thinking of ordering a Surly Long Haul frame and building it up.  The bike I ride now has brake-lever shifting and I love it but have heard that it isn't as reliable as bar end shifting-especially for out of the way places or countries. Can anyone give me some advice on the pros and cons?  I know that "brifters" cost way more but could possibly take them off my present bike so that may not be an issue.  thanks

Routes / Ecuador advice
« on: April 27, 2008, 10:15:01 pm »
Thinking of doing some touring in Ecuador.  Would like to fly into Quito and spend some time in the Andes, then thru the jungle to the coast.  Any suggestions, advice and help appreciated.  Trip would likely be this June/July.  Thanks, ws

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