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Pacific Northwest / Thoughts on my plan for the Pacific Northwest
« on: March 14, 2012, 06:13:54 pm »
Hi Folks,

I am new to this, but really excited to start some touring.

This is my first trip beyond an overnighter last summer, so if you have any advice on the route I would really appreciate it. Here is what I have planned...

Day 1 - Aug 1, My Home (Vancouver BC, Canada) to Salt Creek Campsite Washington - approx. 60km
Day 2 - Aug 2, Salt Creek to Neah Bay (Hobuck Beach Resort Camping)  - 102km
Day 3 - Aug 3, Neah Bay to Bogachiel State Park - 82km
Day 4 - Aug 4, Bogachiel State Park to Lake Quinnault (one of three camp grounds) - 100km
Day 5 - Aug 5, Lake Quinnault to Grayland Beach State Park - 119km
Day 6 - Aug 6, Grayland Beach State Park to Cape Disappointment Park - 119km
Day 7 - Aug 7, Cape Disappointment to Nahalem Bay State Park - 102km
Day 8 - Aug 8, Nahalem Bay to Portland (Sister-in-law's house) 153km

Meet my wife in Portland and spend some time with Family before hopping on the train back to Vancouver.


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