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Routes / Looking for route from Damascus, VA to Columbus, OH
« on: June 21, 2012, 03:52:36 pm »
I am partway into my East to West TransAmerica tour.  Enjoying the riding, scenery and most of all the people.  I'm considering a big detour to go through Columbus, OH to see family.  I'm not sure where the best place would be to break off... I was thinking somewhere after Damascus, VA, where I am now; but before Berea, KY.  Thought I'd try to get over the hilliest parts, head north to Columbus, then take the UGRR route back to the TransAmerica route.

I've been looking at maps for a while and was feeling pretty intimidated about going off route.  I was feeling ready to just forget it when I thought to try the forums!  I found one old post with a similar request:
Someone responded with a tantalizing reference to a route from Damascus to Dayton, but I couldn't quite decipher the email address.

Any suggestions/wisdom will be appreciated very much!

Routes / Approaching Yorktown from the South
« on: May 26, 2012, 02:52:12 pm »
I will be riding towards Yorktown from the North Carolina coast (through Currituck) next week in order to take the TA trail west.  For the approach to Yorktown, I see what looks like an easier but longer route and a less cycle-friendly "shortcut" (famous last words, right?).  I wonder if anyone is familiar with the area and has thoughts on these options.

It looks like the "advisable" route would be to go northwest, through Surry, VA, cross the James river via the Scotland-Jamestown ferry, then follow the TA backwards for a few miles on the Colonial Parkway.  Then I'd double back on the TA when I begin the TransAm route.

The "shortcut" avoids backtracking by crossing the James River at Carrollton and going through Newport News.  I'm confident I can navigate most of this route, but parts require using busy roads (especially in Newport News).  My main point of concern is going over the James River Bridge (Carrollton Blvd).  On Google street view, it looks like there's enough shoulder for me to be comfortable (looks better than parts of my local commute); however I don't know if being on a long bridge complicates things.

So if you're familiar with these roads and the traffic on them, I'd appreciate any words of reassurance that it is fine, words of admonishment that it could be unpleasant, pointers about any trouble spots I might have overlooked, or alternatives I should consider.


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