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On LC 01 map #19, Western Ave. is closed between Bartlett and north of Percival due to two separate incidents related to flood damage and a vehicle accident. Local county officials claim that the road has been planned to re-open with a standard chip-seal surface, but progress is mired in bureaucracy between FEMA, the railroad, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Therefore the current timeframe for re-opening is indefinite. In the meantime, it is suggested to use the Hamburg Option alternate routing to the east. For cyclists who do not want to go all the way south into Hamburg, it has been reported that 155th St. west of Thurman can be used to cross back over, and the route is open to the south from there. See attached image below.

There is little info posted online regarding this closure. For updates, the Fremont Co. Secondary Roads department can be reached at 712-374-2613


Segments of the GD Canada Flathead Alternate route are closed due to the Weasel Fire. The affected roads are Cabin Rd., Wigwam Rd. and Phillips Rd., and include Cabin and Galton passes, and the famous "Wall" passage above the Wigwam River. Here is the order from BC Wildfire Services:

Travel through the Flathead Valley along the alternate is still possible following a portion of the Tour Divide race route. Southbound, from near junction of Flathead Rd. & Lower Harvey Rd., cyclists can turn right onto Lodgepole Rd. and intersect the Elk Valley Trail (main route) south of Morrisey at turn I. Or continue south onto the old route along PR 3 to Elko.

Here is that detour:


The results of the tragic floods in eastern Kentucky are still being assessed and information is beginning to come out, but very slowly.

The following is from, a website for Eastern Kentucky Transportation Updates impacted by the flooding:

August 1, 2022
The Pikeville highway district (District 12) includes six of the 13 disaster counties – Floyd, Johnson, Knott, Letcher, Martin and Pike. All state routes are passable.
In the Jackson highway district (District 10) – which includes Breathitt, Magoffin, Owsley, Perry and Wolfe counties – repairs to roadways will begin today with the help of contractor crews.
Four state routes in Perry County remain closed or partially closed.
Detours are available on three of those routes. The lone exception is Kentucky Route 1146, which runs through the Lost Creek area.
13 crews from the highway districts at Bowling Green, Somerset, Flemingsburg and Manchester are in Breathitt County to assist in clearing county roads.
Bridge inspections are continuing as inspectors are able to gain access.
So far, 627 bridges in the declared disaster counties have been assessed.
Inspectors have found 21 bridges with issues that range from being impassable because of debris to being completely washed out. They include county bridges as well as state bridges.
Transportation Cabinet personnel and vehicles are engaged in transporting supplies and equipment throughout the flood zone (like water, cots, ready-to-eat meals, travel trailers).
Crews are coordinating with the Division of Emergency Management to set up travel trailers for temporary sheltering for displaced families.

Very generally, the big impacts on the TA Section 11 route includes the Kentucky River basin and tributaries from map #129-131. The closures and washouts include, but should not be considered limited to: SR 451 between Chavies and Hazard (map #130), SR 899 between Hindman and Bevinsville (map #131), and possibly others brought to light in the coming days.

Some areas have posted detours around closures, while others will consist of lengthy delays in traffic. As per Kentucky DOT, travelers should use caution and discretion when traveling on these routes, and avoid travel if possible in the affected areas. ACA stands by this recommendation at this time.

For bike travelers on the TA looking to pass through central Appalachia in the coming days, we suggest a different route that avoids eastern Kentucky. The Eastern Express Route is a significant departure to the north, has nearly 300 miles of unpaved surfaces along the C&O Canal Towpath and Great Allegheny Passage, and passes through fairly remote areas between Washington DC and Pittsburgh. It also has the advantage of being a vetted, quality bike route that is commonly ridden by others (and glowingly referred to afterwards) during long-distance bike tours. Also, the route has documented resources including cyclist services, route maps and other helpful details. Eastbound, connections to the Eastern Express can be made from TA Section 8 in eastern Kansas, or further along using various ACA routes (Route 66 Section 2, or Underground Railroad Sections 2-4). The TA Trail can be rejoined south of Washington DC on Atlantic Coast Section 3.

We welcome any other shorter detour options posted here, either from local in-the-know riders or re-routed bike tourists.

ACA Cartographer

Ongoing logging activity on GD Canada/Elk Valley Trail between Fernie and Hosmer has made following the existing route on bike untenable for the time being. Trails BC has recommended a detour using mainly parts of PR 3 and Dicken Rd. See attached image for route section affected and rough guide to the suggested detour.

Trails BC announcement posted here, and also good place to check for future updates:

And here is the suggested detour in RWGPS format:


Despite the devastating flooding in Waverly, TN, current GRS Sec02 and UGRR Sec02 routing remains passable based on this map of Tennessee road closures:,traffic&position=36.09197477,-87.71706497,13

See attached pic for closure info circa 8/25/21.

However, touring cyclists can expect traffic delays, emergency vehicles, closed or stressed services, and other impediments to moving through the area. As such, it is probably best to avoid the area for the time being.


Flathead NF has issued an area closure due to the Whitetail Cr. Fire that includes FR 10229 and FR 9719 south of Swan Lake on GD01 Map B. See attached. Here is that order:

As far as I can tell this information has not been posted on Inciweb. Here is the Whitetail Cr. Fire webpage:

Incidentally, these roads happen to be a part of a suggested detour we have posted around an active logging operation. That detour will also apply here and get a rider around the closure area.

Here is that detour:

And here is the Map Updates and Corrections listing describing the logging detour:

(Apr 2019) Logging activity is beginning along a 23-mile stretch in the Swan River State Forest in spring 2019. It is scheduled to last through 2021. There will be heavy logging traffic and they expect 20-30 trucks coming through daily.

We highly recommend the following detour. Southbound it begins at [F] and rejoins the route at [K]. Though the existing route will be open, State Forest personnel want to minimize any potential conflicts between cyclists and truck traffic. The detour takes cyclists along unpaved roads on the east side of SR 83. It includes a total of 3.2 mi. of riding on SR 83. You can view the detour here:

If you have purchased the digital data or the Bicycle Route Navigator app, the above detour is called "GD01NAlt_D19_2018" for northbound travel and "GD01SAlt_D19_2018" for southbound travel.



From VT local Jean-Pierre Mittaz:
Route 105, between Richford and Jay Mountain has 8 miles of road construction, with currently no pavement, at all, over this entire distance. I believe this construction will last through the summer. I made it, no flat tire, but it was painful.

Here is the project webpage, which specifies that the project will last from July-Fall 2021:

Currently, there is a detour option using SR 105A and E. Richford Slide Rd., but it appears to enter Canada for a very brief distance. This would not be viable currently since the border is closed.

I will update this post as more information becomes available.


This from Escanaba local/ACA member Daniel Vader:

There is a road construction project planned on the North Lakes affecting the route in Delta County Michigan. The resurfacing project will affect SR 69 in Michigan from Schaefer to the turn East. A good detour is available by turning East onto 17th Road to G Road to I Road to original route. I live near here and this detour is a nice ride.

Here is Daniel's proposed detour:

According to the project website,,4669,7-192-29907-558358--,00.html, the project will begin May 17 and last through July 2021. It is recommended to check the status before touring the route this summer.

ACA Cartographer

There has been a landslide on White Rock Mtn. Rd. and the USFS has been slow to respond.
Attached is the map area in question.

And here is a detour on Shores Lake Rd. suggested by Chuck Campbell, the ARHC route designer:

Nathan Taylor
ACA Cartographer

From Lolo NF: Cottonwood Lakes Road NFSR #477 will be closed starting on July 20 - August 8 from its junction with Dunham Creek Road #4388 at milepost 19.1 and west to its junction with Dunham Ditch Road #17512 at milepost 18.7. The closure will be in place through August 8 for crews to replace the Dunham Bridge.

This is at the same location of another closure posted Sep 2019. The suggested detour from that closure also applies here. See

Here's the closure post from Lolo NF:


From Lolo National Forest: A segment of Cottonwood Lakes Road NFSR 477 at mile marker 19 over Dunham Creek will be closed Sept 16– Oct 12. for a bridge replacement.  Cottonwood Lakes Road will be closed to the southeast from the intersection with Dunham Creek Road NFSR 4388 for approximately a quarter of a mile.

The USFS recommended detour is to leave route at SB mi. 9.6, ride 3.3 mi. S. on Lower Cottonwood Rd./FR 9976 to Kozy Corner, then 8.5 mi. east and south on Woodworth Rd. to SR 200, then 6.7 mi. E. to main route intersection at SR 200 and Monture Creek Rd.

Here is a visual of the area in question. Purple is the closure area, green is the recommended detour.

And here is a Ride With GPS map link to the detour:

Nathan Taylor
Routes and Mapping

From NPS: A number of large scale projects will force the closure of the Green River ferry (EB mile 30.5) and ~2 mi. of Green River Ferry Rd. N of the river from July 29 - November 15, 2019. Work will include extending the vehicle ramp, improving the ferry boat and creating canoe/kayak river access upstream of the ferry. See for more info.

NPS has posted a detour that is 29 mi. long and skirts the perimeter of Mammoth Cave NP almost entirely: Note this map also shows the full closure area in detail.

Here is a Ride With GPS map of the same detour, going EB:

There are some services along the detour, notably near the SR 728/SR 1827 intersection in the north, and the town of Brownsville in the southwest.

ACA Routes and Mapping

The Nethker Fire ( has closed the Bear Pete Trail #142 along the Secesh Singletrack Option. According to their Facebook page (, Burgdorf Hot Springs is also closed until further notice.

Warren Wagon Rd./SR 21 remains open, so the CCW detour is thus: At turn L (mi. 31.9), near Ruby Meadows TH, turn left onto paved Warren Wagon Rd./FR 21 and follow 6.4 mi. SW over Secesh Summit to rejoin the route at turn O (mi. 60.6). But keep in mind that conditions are changing and Warren Wagon Rd./FR 21 status as open is in flux. It is recommended to check the inciweb link above for current status before riding this detour.

Attached is a map of the detour and affected area. Note that red is the trail closure, green is the detour and yellow X is fire location.

ACA Routes and Mapping

The main Rattlesnake Trail, East Fork Rattlesnake Trail #514, and Sheep Mountain Trail #513 in Lolo NF are all closed due to the Beeskove Fire which is burning in steep terrain directly above the route near SB mile 54.3, about 1.7 mi. S of Franklin Bridge. Here is info about the fire:

The SB detour is to leave the route at turn M (mi 39.3), and follow Gold Creek Rd./FR 126 3.5 mi. S to SR 200, and then follow SR 200 16.3 mi. W into Missoula. Here is a map of said detour: Just reverse for NB.

Nathan Taylor
ACA Routes and Mapping

From Sublette County Emergency Management Facebook page:

30 July 2019 at 1415 hrs

Union Pass Road Closure for Bridge Replacement Project
Pinedale, Wyo., July 30, 2019 –

The Bridger-Teton National Forest will close a short section of the Union Pass Road (FS 600) from July 31 through August 21, 2019 in order to remove and replace the current bridge over Tosi Creek, which has been determined to be deficient. The Tosi Creek bridge replacement project is located north of Pinedale. It is approximately 7 miles north of the forest boundary at the end of State Highway 352, and approximately 3.5 miles northwest of the Kendall bridge.

This closure was previously unexpected, but is necessary for public and worker safety during bridge replacement. Union Pass Road is a popular route between Dubois, Wyoming and Cora, Wyoming over Union Pass. This closure will affect through traffic along this route, and will also prevent travelers coming from the Dubois side from refueling in Cora. Contractors will make every effort to shorten the closure duration, however it is likely that all three weeks will be needed for this closure. Travelers are urged to be familiar with the location of this closure and to be prepared with plenty of fuel, water, and a map.

Please contact the Pinedale Ranger District at 307-367-4326 for updates on this project, or if you have questions regarding this project or closure.

This closure is at GD SB mile 108.2, due south of the intersection of FR 600 and FR 660, and 3.4 mi N of Kendall Guard Station. I've spoken to the Pinedale Ranger District, and the ranger there said that cyclists can pass through on the road between 7pm-7am during work off-hours. He also said that anytime, even during construction hours, riders can walk bikes down to the creek and ford on foot. The ranger stated that this was not a difficult ford. Note that there are no easy detours, as this area is sandwiched between 2 federal wilderness areas and along a big river with few bridges. If we do catch wind of a workaround, I will post it here.

Here are links to closure postings:

Nathan Taylor
ACA Routes and Mapping

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