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General Discussion / LB's free bicycle campground in Lamont, Wyoming
« on: October 15, 2013, 07:42:12 pm »
Everyone go like LB's Facebook page,
She's the nicest lady in the world and her campground was by far one of my favorite spots along the TransAm.  It was hot and desolate in Lamont, Wyoming and then we found LB's place.  She told us to head on over while she went to the grocery store about a 30min drive away.  When she got back she must have had around $200 worth of groceries and after we helped her stock the fridge, she told us it was all for us, and other cyclists.  It was like a magic fridge just appeared in the desert almost as if it was a mirage it was so amazing.

Routes / TransAm to Western Express, VA to Califorinia
« on: October 04, 2012, 01:36:44 am »
I plan to bike across the country from VA to California this summer using the transam route and switching onto the western express midway through colorado.  I have gone on 100 mile plus bike rides, but nothing to this extent yet.  I was planning on starting in May because I figured if I started any later that it would get too hot.  I plan to use a hennessy hammock for camping.  My bike is a 2013 1.2 trek road bike.  Some questions I have: Is the traffic ever much of an issue?  If I have pedals for bike shoes to clip into should I switch them out for regular pedals so I can wear more comfortable shoes?... or would the clip on bike shoes be beneficial to increase my mileage per day?  How often do you think I'll end up sleeping on the side of the road in the woods somewhere as appose to a camp area? Any suggestions when it comes to how many extra tubes to bring or if I should put more durable(less likely to get flat) tubes on my bike?  How much clothing should I bring besides bike shorts/jerseys?  Any recommendations when it comes to food and the best way to regain all the energy that gets burned each day?  For anyone who has done this trip, about how much money did it cost you?...not including motels.  If any experienced cross country cyclists have advice or just any good information to know, it would be much appreciated! I'm trying to carry as little weight as I can and be as efficient as possible.  Thank you!

Routes / What is the best route from Virginia to New York?
« on: August 01, 2012, 08:54:01 pm »
I'm fairly new to long distance biking, and was trying to find the best route from Virginia to New York.  Any advice would be much appreciated!

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