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Routes / Tour Divide 2013
« on: August 14, 2012, 12:07:55 pm »
Hello fellow adventure seekers!  In preparation for the 2013 Tour Divide, I am looking to connect with people who have already completed the tour, or are participating in the 2013 Tour.

For those who have previously completed the tour: I plan to camp 95% of the time so I'm specifically interested in hearing of people's experiences with food storage.  Did you find it necessary to take a bear canister with you?  Is there any particular obstacle you had to overcome that you would like to pass on helpful information about?  Any advice is appreciated!

For those who are also tackling the Divide for the first time:  It's always nice to share the excitement with someone who is preparing for the same adventure!  I would love to toss around ideas or information with anyone who's willing!

A little background on myself:  Although this is my first bike tour, I have completed many solo backpacking trips in the past.  From my experience, I know I can handle the mental part of the trip, from loneliness to those occasional moments when one feels like they might want to give up and go home.  I cherish any opportunity to see the natural beauty Earth has to offer and, without a doubt, the Divide won't dissapoint!  To prepare for the endurance part of the Tour, I am starting small, biking 2 hours 3 days a week and 4 hours on Saturdays.  I plan to add hours each week until I can comfortably bike 100-120 miles each day I am out. (100-120 miles is my daily goal for the Tour itself).

Happy trails!


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