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Just got back from my trip and need to sell a few things to cover my fun.  These are on ebay, but I'd consider ending the auction early for reasonable offers.

These were on my Surly Disc Trucker (Long Haul Trucker) and worked wonderfully!

Arkel large handlebar bag (black) with the rain cover included - $214.90 value

Tubus Duo front rack - $120 value

General Discussion / riding and camping in thunderstorms
« on: June 12, 2013, 05:42:07 pm »
As my trip gets closer the one thing I get nervous about is thunderstorms.

The first question is what to do if one is approaching and I'm biking in the middle of nowhere?  If it gets bad I'll look for a bridge or culvert to hide under, but what if there is none of that?

And then what about camping in a thunderstorm?  I know to stay away from big trees, but what if there is no safe haven to run to?

Gear Talk / do I have too much crap?
« on: April 19, 2013, 10:58:12 pm »
I decided I'd start loading the bike up more on my ride to and from work to get ready for my 11 day tour in June.  I went about 3/4 loaded today.  I was missing just my tent (5 lbs), sleeping pad (2.5 lbs), sleeping bag (1.5 lbs) and food and miscellaneous toiletries.

I weighed my bike tonight, 63 pounds!  I'm guessing it will be more up around 80 pounds with food and tent and such.  For being 63 pounds it really didn't ride that bad or even that slow.  I think my hour commute only took a couple minutes more than usual.  I guess I'm ok with the weight, I just had no idea it would be that much.

Was anyone weighed their bike fully loaded for commuting?  Is there a sweet spot to shoot for?  Obviously I know carrying extra crap just for the sake of carrying extra crap is not a good idea and the lighter I go the happier I'll be to a certain extent.  That said I want to cook (stainless pots) and be comfortable (sleeping pad) and such as well.  I guess I could leave out stuff like the first aid kit, etc.

For the ride to work I'll probably just keep loading it up heavier and heavier to get ready, no harm in doing that, it's only 12 miles of moderate hills.  It will be nice to be "lighter" come tour time.

General Discussion / touring without "eating out"
« on: April 10, 2013, 11:52:53 am »
A friend of mine and I are planning on 11 day tour from Denver to Iowa, going across Nebraska.  I have about everything tentatively planned, but a little lost on the food.

I did read this post:

It was a good start, but I didn't want to threadjack.

My friend has challenged me to do the trip without eating at restaurants.  I really don't care either way, so I'm up for the challenge.  I'm just concerned that we'll be getting enough calories and not getting completely bored with the food selection.

My friend is going to try the MountainHouse meals.

I looked and they are about 150-220 calories per packet.

I have no idea if this is right, but I ride fully loaded to work and back about 1-4 times a week, average twice a week over the course of a year.  I average about 145 bpm for a heart rate (my max is a silly 199).  The Garmin HR says I burn about 650 calories per hour when doing that, can that really be right?  It's consistent when I look back at the huge log of rides I have to work and back. 

Here's an example ride to work...

I'm concerned about getting enough quality food if we do grocery stores and gas stations only.  What are some suggestions for success in this case?

Connecting ACA Routes / Denver, CO to NW Iowa, two alternatives?
« on: October 13, 2012, 01:02:44 pm »
In the spring I plan to take about two weeks to go from Denver, CO to NW Iowa.

I'm considering two options:

1) Map my own route NE across Colorado and Nebraska using Google bike routes and state biking info, about 600 or miles.

2) Denver, CO to Ordway, CO, pick up TransAmerica route, ride that 2/3 of the way across Kansas, then snake NE up to Lewis and Clark trail and follow that to NW Iowa.  Definitely longer route, but maybe better amenities?

Still deciding which way is best, obviously following the Adventure Cycling routes for part of it would be easier to find food and camping, it's also quite a bit more out of the way and may be more than two weeks can handle.

Any thoughts?

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