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Gear Talk / front platform racks: Surly Nice or Old Man Pioneer?
« on: October 02, 2012, 11:11:08 pm »
I've decided to switch out my lowrider rack for a front platform style. Heading to Africa and may be on some single track (not really sure but...). Anyway, extensive research has cut my short list down to Surly Nice (heavy at three pounds empty, and odd attachment system which some complain about (attachements at hub and at fork braze-ons 7"s up the fork, but nothing higher. Seems like the top of the rack will be unsupported and I suspect will tend to sway with a heavy load. Meanwhile the thing is otherwise built like a tank); or an Old Man Mountain Pioneer (aluminum, but very heavy gauge alum?), big platform sticking way out toward the front of the tire, and generally it looks like the bags will ride further forward, in front of the fork axis, which I suspect will be a negative on handling.)   So, anyone out there have experience with both?  Any advice or insight?  Anyone have experience good or bad with either?  thanks in advance.

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