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General Discussion / 2 or 4 panniers
« on: September 10, 2013, 11:43:49 am »
I am cycling cross the us and about to let go of most of my load for a fast ride from wichita to savannah. Everything fit in the rear panniers and it feels ok to ride like that. But i wonder if it still would be better to keep the front panniers so the load will be more spread out on the bicycle? Will it be to much weight on the rear wheel just having the load above the rear wheel. I have a salsa vaya 2 frame if that matters. Are there any thoughts about this?

General Discussion / Which telephone company?
« on: June 25, 2013, 07:01:26 am »

I am soon on my way to start cycling the TransAm and have made the decision to bring my brand new smartphone only, which has a good camera and a big display.
I would like to be able to make many phonecalls and surf a lot as I will plan along the way. I guess I would need some kind of prepaid card (with a micro SIM card) Does anyone here know which telephone company has det best covering along the TA? Which telephone company has good offers? Is there a good website where you can compare the offers available?
This issue seems to be a djungle to me...

Thankful for any ideas where I should start to dig!

Gear Talk / Touring bikes...
« on: February 18, 2013, 06:32:36 am »

I have started to plan my very first tour on a bike  :)

I´m looking for a bike to ride the TransAm this sommer. I´ve read some of the previous threads about touring bikes here but decided to bring it up again, since I have some questions that aren´t brought up in those treads.

Are there any touring bikes that are known to be more comfortable for women, with women´s geometry?

I wish to travel fairly light. I figure it will add up to 10-15 kg (20-30 lbs) or so. Bikes like Surley LHT seems nice but they are built to carry much more weight than that - so maybe I can do with a lighter bike?

I also find it hard to decide whether I should buy the bike here in Sweden or in the US. Buying it in Sweden would give me time to get used to it (I normally ride a very light carbon) but it would be much more expensive, the variety of bikes would be limited and then some hassle bringing it over (extra charge and the great risk of delay and disappearing). It might be easier to buy the bike in the US and just bring my own saddle..
And if so - does anyone here know of a good bike store in or close to Portland?

This may be a very very stupid question but the most common answer is that you have to try out different bikes carefully and see if you like them or not. How does that work? Do the stores lend you the bikes or do they put you up on a trainer in the store?

Every little bit of information is very much appreciated!


General Discussion / Companions wanted - TransAm West to East
« on: February 16, 2013, 03:00:50 pm »
I am planning on riding the TransAmerican Trail starting late July 2013 or early August. I plan to follow the transAm to somewhere around Wichita, meet up with some friends, and from there head down towards Savannah. I'll be camping most nights, using hot showers when possible and occasionally a hotel room would be nice.
I´m a 49 year old woman from Europe and would very much enjoy to ride along with some more bikers for some/all of this adventure.  :)

General Discussion / The TransAmerican for a beginner?
« on: October 11, 2012, 04:11:07 pm »
It seems to be a lot of experienced bikers here and I have just about 1000 questions!

I´m thinking about riding the Transamerican trail, starting in the beginning of august.
Is it, generally speaking, safe for a woman to ride alone?
Is it possible to ride very light and find hostels/rooms all the way or is it necessary to carry camping gear? (I´ll buy the aca-maps when I´ve made the decision.)
How much does a room cost approx? To camp?
Is august a good month to start?

If you could share some thoughts about these questions, it would be great!


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