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Hello there,

I am based in the UK and have this aggravating thought that won't leave me alone: crossing the US on my bicycle!  There was some hope that this thought would exit my noggin but after finding this site, reading the forum and following a long and winding trail of blogs, it was time to surrender, register and post.

At such an early stage of wondering, the more I read, the longer the list of questions grow.  The most complicated bit so far is finding a practical way of getting from West to East across the UK to get to an airport that will fly to the US, a problem that I see a fellow Devonian has mentioned on the forum before.

My first question that I would be grateful for advice on is: 

Have any of you started a crossing from Vancouver, Canada and do you have a suggestion for a route from there to join the Trans-Am please and thank you (ok, that was two questions)?   Having looked at the ACA overview, there are obviously options but would appreciate further info and recommendations.  I am finding it really hard to find a direct flight to anywhere else without changing aircraft one or more times (Seattle/Portland etc).

Another option would be to fly to San Francisco and start from there or via three seperate planes, start in Seattle!

I am thinking of starting on 15/16 June 2013.

There are a million more questions but above are the ones that are stopping further wondering at the moment, any help or general mocking will be greatly appreciated.


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