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Urban Cycling / Phoenix
« on: November 20, 2013, 08:33:08 pm »
I’m tour and after a few thousand miles am working my way east on the Southern Tier.  I’m spending a few days in Phoenix to take care of business.  I must say this is the worst city I have ever cycled through.  Parts of the Southern Tier are on bike paths, but when you have to ride on the streets look out.  I have never seen so many *&*^%$ in my life.  And most are on their cell phones as they spin their wheels to get by you: Young and old, rednecks worst, others not much better. –Dr. John

Routes / On tour, jumping to Pacific coast by Amtrak
« on: October 15, 2013, 01:42:42 pm »
I am in western NC on tour and will likely ride to Greenville, SC and catch Amtrak to the west coast, and maybe later pick up the southern tier.  Any ideas on where to get off this time of year and how to pick up the Pacific Coast route would be helpful.  I have S&S couplings and could break down my bike to carry onboard, but it would be easier to stop at an Amtrak station with checked luggage.  I would love to see the Redwoods near the CA/OR border, but suspect it may be getting too late.  Detraining at San Francisco might be a better option, but I have spent little time on the west coast so I need advice. -Thanks

Gear Talk / Cross-levers on drop bars and handlebar bags
« on: December 18, 2012, 06:41:13 pm »
Does anyone use cross-levers with a handlebar bag?  I am concerned about having room for cable routing.  I am thinking of Paul cross-levers, as I am using v-brakes and an Ortlieb bag.
I am also considering a new drop bar.  I have the stock bar on a 2009 LHT, but when I set the ramps close to level for comfort, the drops are too steep.  The Nitto Noodle seems to have a good bend to solve this problem, but I don't want that long of a reach.  It looks like the Ritchey Pro Evo Curve might work, but I'm wondering about the oversized clamp area. Any thoughts?  Part of the reason I am thinking of cross-brakes is to get in a more vertical position on steep decents for drag and to get over that feeling of going over the top.  -Thanks

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