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Gear Talk / Durability of Dry Bags?
« on: December 26, 2012, 06:56:04 pm »
I'm planning my first tour this coming summer and have a question about dry bags. I've done a lot of ultralight backpacking,  so I have most of the gear I'll need for a 1100km trip. Everything, including camping gear, clothes, tools and 2-days worth of food seems to fit nicely into a single 25 litre dry bag + a smallish handlebar bag.

I was wondering if people encounter problems with items wearing or rubbing through a dry bag when it's mounted on a rear rack? I'm just curious if things like tent poles are likely to wear thru the fabric if they happen to be too close to the metal tubes on a rack? Should I perhaps duct tape a little foam on top of the rack to reduce wear-points?

I will likely fix the dry bag on top of the rear rack with either shock cord or webbing with adjustable buckles. Any recommendations on securing a dry bag are also welcome.

Thanks for any advice.

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