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New England / Portland ME to Baxter State Park round trip
« on: January 12, 2013, 03:41:32 pm »
In the near future,I plan on doing this over 3-4 weeks.Round trip is around 470+ miles.It wont be like doing a pure speed ride,I would guess around 40-50 miles a day,with hills and some picture taking.I'm not a conditioned long distance rider..a few rides of about 35 miles has been my limit thus far at a leisurely pace.

I will be doing this solo,with stealth camping,but with contingencies for staying in a town if need be.But more to be out and alone and enjoying nature.Ive researched my route,my equipment,food,water,electronics,etc. I can visualize the trip in mind.Kinda of doing it by "legs" between towns.

I just was wondering if there is any advice I havent seen online,either here or elswhere.Thanks!

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