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General Discussion / New to cycling and taking a loop around America
« on: January 30, 2013, 05:58:00 pm »
Hello everyone!

My trail name is Teepee Tommy. I am new to Cycling and to this website. I have an adventure planned. This one will involve a bicycle. I wanted to post a bit about my trip ahead to see who else I might run into along the way. I am starting in Damascus, Va ( near my home) the first week in March. Riding East to Richmond, where I will get on the Atlantic Coast trail and head south. Connect to the Southern Tier and ride it all the way West until I reach the Sierra Cascades. Head North to the Western Express. Ride West to San Francisco and hit the Pacific Coast trail. Bike North until I hit the Trans America trail and ride it all the way East back to Damascus, Va. ideally knocking the trip out in 4 months. Hopefully I will get to meet many other cyclist along the way.

I just finished Thru Hiking the Appalachian Trail this past summer. I found my self unhappy and going crazy being back into the swing of normal life.  Hence this adventure! I am a ultra light minimalist back packer with a base weight of 11 Lbs. I will be using the same gear from my hike while on the bike. I plan on camping most of the way. Going as light as possible will hopefully equal a more pleasurable ride and minimize strain.

My cycling experience? Does riding through the neighborhood as a child count? Didn't think so. I hope to just learn along the way. Another reason for this post is to hear from people who have done a long distance bike trip. I love hearing about others adventures. If anyone has suggestions or major tips I would love to hear. Every little bit of information will help my understanding of this goal.

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