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I was not sure if I should crash this party or start another thread, but, as there seems to be a lot of overlap between my questions and the OP's, here goes...

I intend to use an etrex 30 for the Trans Am, traveling east-west.  I have the very latest version of City Navigator loaded onto the GPSR, and use BaseCamp to correspond with the GPSR and load into it the ACA GPS data. 

I have followed the instructions provided above for loading the routes into the GPSR, and I think that I was successful in doing so.  I'm pretty sure that the entire Trans Am is loaded into the unit. 

The etrex 30 has the capacity for 200 routes and 2000 waypoints.  Can I now use the waypoint capacity for the information unrelated to routing, e.g. hotels, campgrounds, etc.?  If so, how do I do this, and how will it display as I am rolling down the road?  Do I have to go into the menu of the GPSR and search through "camgrounds", or will they display automatically as I pass near them?  More generally, is this a way to work around the 2000 waypoint capacity limitation of (in this case) the etrex, eliminating the need for a mid-continent reload of the data necessary to complete the Trans Am?

With the routes loaded, does the GPSR care that I am traveling east-west rather than west-east?  Will the turn-by-turn instructions and proximity alarms function identically regardless of my direction of travel, or do I need to reverse the route in BaseCamp and reload it into the GPSR (I did load the 12 files from ACA in reverse order, hoping that this would at least bring up the routes in the order which I will need to access them).  Also, will the routes follow each other consecutively, or will I need to select a new route when I have completed the one immediately preceding it (For me, JOCE90 is followed by JOCE70.  Will I need to prompt the GPSR to kick off JOCE7O?).

I apologize for raising questions that involve not only the use of the ACA GPS data, but the basic function of the GPSR itself.  I have spent hours working with the etrex and BaseCamp, as well as searching this forum and watching online videos, and still can't seem to grasp quite how this system of navigation is supposed to work.

Thank you,


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