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General Discussion / Beginner out and back camping in NW?
« on: February 24, 2013, 10:22:28 am »
My wife has never bicycle toured and I haven't for about 30 years or so. Getting close to an early retirement and would like to introduce my wife to touring by bike. We rode the Trail of the Hiawatha and the centennial trail from cour d' Lene  to Spokane a couple of years ago. She likes riding bikes and camping, just never done both at once. So I am looking for a good out and back weekend trip to ease her into touring. Something without a big climb , along a low traffic road or a non-motorized path and a nice camp ground. Or even a hotel out and back failing a camping one. Something with good scenery or atmosphere, that will completely wow her.

Needs to be within 300 miles of Helena, MT.

I could do a 30 mile out and back from Helena, but I need to show my wife the best possible circumstances her first time out. A buggy, no shower, no toilet first time expedition , will likely be a one time, never again, tried it once didn't like it, we will travel by car or get an RV, event.

I have a MTB, the wife a hybrid. And I will pull a BOB and she'll have a rear rack and panniers.

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