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Maybe everyone knows already, but no posts about fire here:
There are one huge forest fire and a few smaller fires currently active on or near the IHSMBR, as of early August 2016.  The largest is the Pioneer Fire which is threatening Lowman - no Lowman cut-off right now.  At this writing, about 65,000 acres, with 1,500 personnel trying to put it out.

A more recent fire has started just west of Stanley - given prevailing winds that may affect the main route if it turns into something big.

I'm following fires in this area in prep for a possible September trip including sections of the route near Featherville / Smoky Mountains.  The Pioneer Fire has the possibility of disrupting my trip due to air quality if not actual burn area.

If you are planning bikepacking trips on IHSMBR (or elsewhere), you can check this website for fire reports:

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