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Gear Talk / Touring crankset
« on: June 22, 2013, 12:19:31 am »
I just picked up a Salsa Vaya as an all around bike that I would also like to do some touring and to what degree I don't know yet. It came with a Sora triple ext BB with very high gearing for this kind of bike, 52/42/30 which I knew from the outset I would like to swap out for something like 48/36/26. The cassette is 11-32 9sp, and has microshift bar end shifters.
I'm looking at a couple options. There's a Sugino xd600  46/36/26 that's billed as a touring oriented road  or MTB crank which uses the old standard sq taper BB setup and then a couple Shimano mountain bike/trekking, the  Deore M532 and Deore M591 which come with external bearing BBs, both 48/36/26. Those setups run around $90 with the BB while the Sugino around $130 plus the cost of a new BB. I've been reading what I can but it can get so confusing especially with the issues of chainline.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The cost savings of the Shimano setups as well as the 48t large sprocket seem attractive but am I missing something here. I'll have my LBS do the install.
Thanks in advance

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