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Gear Talk / Fenders and tires for a Surly Disc Trucker with 26" rims
« on: July 25, 2013, 09:20:45 pm »
My 52 cm Surly Disc Trucker will be needing fenders for the 26 inch rims.  The Trucker will be sporting Surly Nice front and rear racks with Ortleib Front Roller and Back Roller Classic panniers.  The Disc Trucker currently has the stock Continental tires which are 1.5's.  Is is better to go a little wider, if so by how much? I looked at the Bike Planet Hybrid/touring fenders at Performance Bikes, but the front fender looks a tad short and I am not convinced that the fit would be right on my smaller wheel set.  I just received shipment of the Surly Nice front pannier rack and it looks pretty beefy but not that heavy...perhaps I was expecting a boat anchor?

Gear Talk / Pannier Racks for Surly Disc Trucker
« on: July 21, 2013, 07:35:17 am »

I have been trying to research Pannier racks for my Surly Disc Trucker which is a 52cm using 26" rims.  I have decided that I like the Ortlieb Classic Panniers and have already purchased the rear set in yellow and black.  I see that the Surly front pannier racks are mounted on the skewers which do not seem to be a great feature when trying to change out the front wheel.  I like the idea of a top shelf being included in the front rack and am hopeful that someone has had some experience with outfitting a Disc trucker with pannier racks that have worked well for them.  Any input would be appreciated.  Fenders will be the next research project.

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