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Huckleberry Pass is closed at the forest service boundaries (roughly 5 miles west of pass to 5 miles east of pass). This was mentioned to me by locals, and I confirmed via phone to the Lincoln FS office.

The obvious detour is highway 200 between Ovando and Lincoln.

This closure has apparently been in place since early August so I'm surprised it isn't referenced in this forum yet.

I've got an as-new, perfect condition Mountainsmith Bike Cube Deluxe which I'll sell for $35 + $5-10 shipping (further from Seattle the closer to $10 shipping).

This item is reviewed in the current Adventure Cyclist magazine. 

Mine is red, and includes all the "accessory" items (tool roll, changing mat, and shoulder strap).

Payment by paypal.

Contact:   vial underscore tom AT hotmail DOT com


Routes / Great Divide Canada on touring bike?
« on: August 16, 2013, 12:40:05 pm »
I am planning a tour in September on the Great Parks North route.  I'm considering looping/connecting back via the Great Divide mtb route between Banff and Sparwood.

Can anyone with (recent?) experience on this northernmost portion of the Great Divide give an opinion on the suitability of a touring bike for this section?  I'll be riding 700x37 tires, although I could step up to 700x42 Marathon Mondials if necessary.

The route descriptions sound like it should be feasible, although the 6 mile powerline section over Elk Pass may require some pushing/walking.

Thanks for any insight.

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