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Routes / Denver to Jasper
« on: September 01, 2016, 11:19:56 pm »
I'm considering going from Denver, CO to Jasper, AB next summer. The current though is to start mid June, taking 6 weeks with 4ish weeks of actual biking at 50-80 miles a day and 2 weeks of interspersed hiking and backpacking along the route. I have a few questions for anyone familiar with the route.

-Is mid June to early to be starting? I'm not familiar with the roads and elevations/weather in that part of the country. What kind of weather is typical?

-I've been looking at taking the Trans Am to the great parks north. Denver was picked as a starting point mostly because it was around as far south as I thought I could start and is a major city with probably cheaper flights. Any thoughts on alternate starts? Am I missing out by not experiencing more of the Great Parks South Route south of Denver? Also getting from Denver to the Trans Am it looks like I could go west to Silverthorne, NW to Granby on the Berthoud Pass Alternate, or North through Rocky Mountain Park, any thoughts?

-Favorite backpacking, hiking, or other side trips along the route?


Routes / sunshine coast and vancouver island
« on: June 28, 2015, 11:13:48 pm »
I was going to be leaving in a few days for a 10 day tour in the Cascades and eastern Washington, but with much of the weather forecast in the upper 90s and 100s I've made a last minute change of plans.

The rough idea now is to start in Vancouver BC, head north to Powell River, take the ferry across to Vancouver Island, head south to the Victoria area, maybe visit a few of the Gulf Islands, then down to the San Juans. I'm doing some research now on good routes, but with limited time thought I'd throw out some questions from you folks as well. A little bit about my to help inform your answers. I'll be traveling moderately light, camping all the time, or maybe a night in a hostel, mainly going to grocery stores and cooking. I have 35mm wide tires and a little bit of gravel or dirt roads are fine, but nothing to crazy, and I'm mainly interested in nature and scenery. I generally like 50-70 mile days.

-Firstly any good links to maps or route advice in general is great. With only a few days to figure out a route I'm sure to miss some stuff.

-Between Nanaimo and Victoria I'm considering a few options. Option 1 basically follow google maps down the east side of the island. Option 2 cut over to Salt Spring Island part way down and start exploring those islands. Option 3 follow the Cowichan Valley Trail and cutting over by Sooke Lake to meet up with the Galloping Goose trail. I'm very interested in option 3, but I'm not sure if it's possible and would love any insight from someone who has done it. It looks like the road is closed at a certain point.

-Which of the Gulf Islands would you recommend for biking? Which are the best if I end up with limited time.

-Favorite campgrounds along the way?

-Any favorite side trips or non bike things in the area? Good hikes, etc?

Rocky Mountain / trail of the coeur d'alenes loop route
« on: January 16, 2014, 09:42:20 pm »
I'm thinking about doing the trail of the coeur d'alenes loop route this summer. The trail part seems pretty straight forward, but it's harder to find info on the other half of the loop on the old milwaukee road section. How rough is the road? I have 35mm tires with a little bit of tread, do you think those are wide enough? Anyone have any advice?

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