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General Discussion / Anyone doing the ECG soon?
« on: August 08, 2013, 09:16:11 pm »
I recently posted about any advice people may have to offer regarding my trip in a few weeks.

This post is for anyone thinking of doing the trip that might want to join me? Im a 23 year old male, just want to have a bit of a laugh and think it would be better with someone. (That sounded like a relationship AD haha, i just want someone to ride with!)
Im from England, I flew over to the US to build one of the Americas Cup Yachts (im a boatbuilder), and iv now got 2 months break before i start a new yacht in Rhode Island. So, i thought id make the most of my time and go on a bike tour, nobody in Rhode Island seems up for joining me due to work, families or a genuine lack of interest in this kind of thing. I guess iv got more chance of finding someone wanting to do it here! So if theres anyone interested dont be shy! ;D


Hello community of adventure cyclists!!

Iv just moved to the east coast. It seems i have two months of free time before i start work so what better way to experience the great american outdoors and the east coast, than to cycle and camp it. (Im not from america)

Next week ill be getting a few bits and bobs in the post to finish up my touring checklist. Ill be heading off from maine on a dated ralleigh 10 speed with a bob yak trailing behind with my tent, food and a load of other stuff, hopefully ending up in miami several weeks from now. I was thinking of following the greenway route? Any bidders?

Can any of you experienced national travelers please advise me on areas, sites, campsites and anything else i might want to head towards and experience, to get the most of my tour of this part of america. Iv only been in the country a few months and havnt had much chance to soak it up yet. What things are a necessity to take with me that i might have forgotten. Im a 23 year old male, ill be riding solo, hopefully meeting people along the trail and in campsites. Is there a better way to meet people doing the same thing as i am?

Also, are there areas i might want to avoid finding myself stuck on a bycicle with a trailer in the middle of the night? Im kind of, just...going. Im not fully sticking to a route so its likely ill get lost quite a few times (which i dont really mind).

Now im talking about the whole span of maine to miami, any small detours inland a bit wouldnt be frowned upon.

All offers from anyone are welcome!

Thanks a lot in advance


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