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Routes / Northern Tier section 10 Routing around Canada 2021
« on: June 09, 2021, 05:30:09 pm »
I am astonished to see that the ACA's online corrections for Section 10 of Northern Tier don't include a detour around the closure of the US/Canada border to leisure travelers.  Am I somehow not looking in the right place for it?  I enjoy that Canada section and have ridden it three times since 2017 en route from Boston to Michigan, but it's not looking like Canada will be open to leisure travelers by July when I go through.

RideWithGps is happy to oblige with a detour that looks like roughly 31 miles, some of it on Erie Canal towpath.  I will refine that a bit to get its endpoints right on the Northern Tier route, and post it here (and to the ACA online corrections)  if nobody can point me to something better that already exists.

The larger picture for me is that my 2021 ride will again go Boston to Alpena, Michigan, then later to the West Coast via a collection of ACA routes including Parks, Peaks, and Prairies. The Canada border closing keeps me off much of the Lake Erie Connector too, so I'll be seeing the southern shore of Lake Erie for the first time on Northern Tier section 9, and then taking the Detroit Alternate section 1 of Underground Railroad route to connect back to the Lake Erie Connector in Michigan, just north of Algonac where the Detroit Alternate wants to cross into Canada at Algonac.  Instead of crossing there, I can take a short detour on the US side  to connect back to the Lake Erie Connector in Michigan that way.  That detour actually showed up in ACA's online corrections for the Lake Erie Connector, when the ferry at Marine City/Sarnia shut down and the Algonac ferry was recommended as an alternate.

Answering the stock questions for this forum, as it is my first post here in as long as I can remember:
What is your timeframe for riding this route? July 2021
What kind of riding do you like? I favor open space over urban, am fine with climbing and descending.
Are you interested in taking in historic or cultural sites? For this section I just want to connect back to the NT10 westbound without going through Canada.
What are your overnight preferences? Hotels/motels.
What is your plan for eating? Restaurants.
How many miles a day do you intend to ride?  I averaged 66 miles daily on my 2019 Boston to Seattle ride, ranging from 40ish to 90-some.

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