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General Discussion / Great Divide Tour July 2014, want to join me?
« on: August 29, 2013, 02:44:35 pm »
Hi guys,

I'm planning to ride the GDMBR in late July 2014. I am aiming for a 30 day, around 100 miles per day average.

I'd really like some company on this trip since I know what long distance cycling is like. If your riding the route at a similair time and also want some company maybe we could arrange to ride some of it together?

Im 24 and ride very regularly, but mostly road, having completely tours all over europe. I have mountain bike experience and ride centuries off road but i plan to really kick this up over the next 10 months.

Please get in contact if you have a similar interest in riding this route at a similar pace, if only to talk about preparation.

Will A.

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