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Due to construction, the town of Christiansburg is detouring traffic from Depot St. onto North Franklin St., which can be very busy at certain times of day.  Signs are saying detour is in effect from 9/30/13 until 11/27/13.  One can avoid this by using the following:

Westbound: Ellett Rd. Turn left on Cambria.   After crossing RR tracks turn LEFT (leaving ACA route) on Depot, take right on Lester St., right on Park St., left on E. Main, right on Colhoun St. and left on Depot.

Eastbound: After crossing N. Franklin on Depot turn right on Colhoun St. (leaving ACA route), left on E. Main St.. right on Park St., left on Lester St. and left on Depot St. After crossing RR you will be on Cambria St.

One can also use East Main all the way between Depot St. and Colhoun St. but it is not recommended, since there is a hill of over 15% grade in the first block of E. Main just off of Depot.

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