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Routes / help on banff-yellowstone roundtrip
« on: October 31, 2013, 01:07:35 am »
hey so cycling has been a passion of mine for about the past 8 years or so (as of now im 22) and i enjoy a ride variety of cycling. im from saskatchewan so i only get to ride about 6 months a year, i ride 4 or 5 times a week whether its trails or the skatepark or just commuting around the city for a few hours.i probably average about 400km a summer in distance (thats not including my time riding street/trials at the skatepark or around town) i have a 4 different bikes for the different riding i enjoy.

i just found out about the ACA and the network of trails and immediately started studying them and thinking of all the places i could go on my bike. i work at a youth wilderness survival camp during the summer and its to important for me to miss.

because of winter and camp my options are limited for getting a ride on one of these trails but im fairly confident i could do banff to yellowstone national park (and back) after winter ends and be back at camp by the middle or end of june.

this is my first time undertaking a ride such as this and i will probably be doing it alone. ive never done multiday rides before and ill be out on my own for a decent amount of time. now i have wilderness hiking and canoeing experience, having led week long 100km hike groups at my camp during the summer so i know a thing or 2 about things like pacing and supplies and gear and the type of attitude one should have towards this type of interest.

so what im mostly looking for in terms of information right now and as to why im writing this post, is to get info on the route i should take, any important information about the route anyone might now about, things like gear for weather conditions or specific sites along the route that are interesting to check out.

im 22, 5' 10" 200 pounds. dont smoke or drink. id say my diet is pretty average, dont really eat junk food at all, lots of fruits and natural foods like nuts and breads.

any information that you think might be helpful would be welcomed here. id like to be able to see this from every angle. id also like to attempt this from beginning of april, till end of june, preferably be done towards the middle of june. would those be good conditions to ride in? thats basically the only time im available to do it.

i assume id be taking the great devide from banff to polaris, and then take the transamerica trail to yellowstone, and just reverse back to banff.

another question, would taking the great parks north route take me through chief mountain border pass? cause it says its only open middle of my till september,

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