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« on: October 31, 2013, 10:15:50 pm »
Hello all, new user here.  I found this place by a link a friend gave me to

An introduction: I've biked here and there years ago and have just been able to add it back in as a form of exercise and enjoyment.  This past Thanksgiving (2013) I let myself get to 300lbs and am now down to 230lbs. at 6'2".  While biking didn't get me down there it is the exercise I add to my improved nutrition and mind-set.  I also like to camp either with the family or through backpacking. is just what I am aiming to do.... one nighters (or so) camping off my bike.  I also commute to work here and there as schedule allows.

I coach quite a bit but not as much as I used to.  I spend quite a bit of time in ballfields, gyms, etc. and with my job, etc. is how I let my health go.  Plus I certainly like to eat!  Once I hit that 300lbs and found my nutrition I've been on a good path and will continue being on it.

This year I started out struggling to do 20 miles at once.  By July I was able to do a 100k (though it hurt a bit) and in October I did 100 miles which certainly put a hurting on me.... but I did it.  I now want to do my 100k's, etc. but want to do a few weekends of camping where I would hit a few campgrounds over a few days time and do some hiking if I can.

So.... hello!  I look forward to learning how to transition my backpacking knowledge into bike camping knowledge.  Below I've linked my Cannondale Quick 5 (Jumbo frame) and my commute trailer, a Burley Travoy.  I plan on using it to haul my backpack on trips.

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