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Gear Talk / Ultralight Panniers?
« on: January 29, 2014, 02:23:17 pm »
I am brand new to all this, but I am an ultralight long distance backpacker. I live on the Sierra Cascade Route and the Pacific Crest Trail at Warner Springs, CA.
QUESTION: Right now total gear(similar to backpacking) minus food and water is under 10 pounds including gear to camp in freezing conditions. The Frontroller and Backroller Ortleib panniers I purchased weigh 7 pounds total! In normal weather conditions the bags will weigh as much as my gear! 
There must be someone making lighter bags? I calculate I could make a set of 4 waterproof, durable panniers of a similar size weighing a total of 2 pounds, BUT that would take me mega hours and the material costs of a bit of trial and error on expensive materials.
Any suggestions on lightening up a bit?
Is there another forum or source for "ultralight" touring or is this forum my best bet?

Thank you
Warner Springs Monty
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