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General Discussion / First Bike Tour
« on: March 20, 2014, 11:58:43 am »
Looking for some advice on training for a bike tour that I'm planning to do with a few friends over the summer.

Three friends and I (2 relatively experienced bikers, 1 similar to me) are planning on a cross-country trip, leaving from Boston and heading almost directly west, then down from Washington to LA. Leaving 7/1, and I myself will only be going for a month and a half or so, as I have to start school in the end of August. I live in San Diego and am in pretty good shape... do a lot of running, tennis, yoga, and hiking, but I'm not a totally experienced biker. I have a bike that I ride to work, and sometimes to school, but I've never gone for a ride longer than about 25 miles (though that's not too bad for me when I've done it).

Anyway, we're going to be camping along the way, and though we won't have a strict schedule to adhere to, we'll aim at about 60 miles/day. I'd like to make April/May my main training months, since I'll be visiting family and friends throughout June before the trip. Any advice on how to realistically train would be greatly helpful and appreciated. Thanks!


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