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I thought it was interesting that in this thread about "how easy is it to get used to SPD pedals" nobody asked the OP why they wanted to switch to clipless pedals. Rather than hijack that thread, I started this poll to see how many people prefer clipless pedals vs. clips vs. platforms for multi-day touring.

I have used SPD clipless pedals for 10 years for daily commuting and tours. But last year I switched to platforms after having some knee and foot problems building up. Personally, I found that for touring, clipless pedals offered negligible advantages. But with a good set of platform pedals, my comfort increased, foot and knee pain went away, and I could wear comfy, lightweight hikers with better foot support (that cost far less than cycling shoes).

Curious to hear if others have a clear preference based on experience at trying different solutions.

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / GPS Data User Guide?
« on: July 24, 2015, 12:32:59 pm »
I can't seem to find the GPS Data User Guide on the ACA website. The hyperlink provided in the GPS data download files (e.g., DCAboutV005.pdf) provides a stale (and broken) hyperlink to:

But that link generates an error to unavailable content.

The sticky in this forum directs one to navigate here:
"From the ACA front page, go to Routes and Maps > GPS Information"

But there is no longer a link for "GPS Information"

If you use the search tool on "GPS Data User Guide," you get forwarded to the Digital Data for Devices page.

I cruised around on all the pages under Digital Data for Devices, but couldn't find the Guide. Perhaps these pages replace what used to be a PDF-format guide?

Any pointers from anyone? Thanks.

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