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General Discussion / I will need help planning my route
« on: February 22, 2009, 12:47:49 pm »
I am a 100% disabled combat veteran. I am confined to a wheelchair for most of my days. For exercise, weather permitting, I am able to ride a recumbent trike.

During September 2009, I plan to take a very special journey for a very special cause. My journey will be by recumbent trike from the Cleveland, Ohio area to Dallas, Texas. Over 21 days and about 1,200 miles.

I am riding to raise funds and awareness for our returning disabled soldiers and thier families. The beneficiaries of my ride will be the Wounded Warrior Project (, and the Fisher House (

what I need some help on is my route planning I know I've got several months to go but I just want to be sure that it follows along the same way that one of my sponsors is providing me a hotel room for my team and I
so how about it?

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