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There is flooding at present along the Sabine River right along the Louisiana/Texas border.
Trying to leave Merryville headed West yesterday along US 190 - this route was closed. State Highway 12 West of DeQuincy was also closed.
I understand the situation is expected to get worse rather than better over the next couple of days.

Yesterday I did manage to cross into Texas, but by taking I-10 into Orange County. I understand bicycles are not permitted on Interstates in Louisiana but I did not have a problem on this occasion.

I would suggest avoiding the Merryville area in the coming days as flood rescues and evacuations are taking place at present. The flooding seems to have emanated from a dam upstream so even though the heavy rain has been and gone, there is a delayed impact on this occasion.

Routes / Great Parks North - Canadian Camping
« on: February 06, 2015, 11:06:09 am »
Hi guys

Quick question from across the Pond - completed the Northern half of the Sierra Cascades at the end of last Summer and really enjoyed it.
Looking at trying the Great Parks North this Summer - 2015.

One thing that I can't seem to answer at the moment - the U.S. parks seem (in my limited experience) good in that there are many hiker/biker campsites available. So you're safe turning up at the end of the afternoon and being relatively assured of having a spot to camp.
The Canadian parks don't seem to have the same hiker/biker provision - and the first few nights on the route would be in Jasper/Banff/Kootenay parks. I'm probably looking at hitting the road in peak Summer (July/August) and would prefer to not have to pre-book accommodation. Will I encounter full-to-capacity campgrounds or can the tired cycle tourist still be relatively assured of a camping spot at the end of a day's riding?

Would also appreciate any pointers about the best time of Summer - I'm planning to complete the route in a fortnight, Jasper to Missoula. Would normally plan to go after Labour Day in September but feel this may lead to some worse weather in the Canadian Rockies at the start of the trip?

Thanks for any tips!


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