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Routes / Ovando, MT Cyclist Accomodations
« on: March 06, 2023, 01:03:01 pm »
I plan to pass through Ovando in September 2023 and understand there are some cyclist specific sleeping accommodations that even include sleeping in the jail?  Who do I contact about these? thanks

Routes / Oldest Self-Supported Cyclist on the Transam ?
« on: December 17, 2020, 08:42:38 pm »
When I rode the Transam in 2015 I was the oldest rider of any I met, and I was only 62 at that time. That's still pretty young, and so I wonder; Who is the oldest rider to complete the Transam on a self-supported tour?  What cyclist do you know over age 60 who has completed a self-supported crossing of the Transam?

The requirement for "self-supported" is an important criterion. Carrying everything on your bike, and not having the security of an instant rescue by a motor vehicle, is a whole different level of adventure than is found in a supported tour. And for purposes of the question, e-bikes don't count; having to rely on your physical strength alone is a different level of adventure than having help from an electric motor.

Looking forward to seeing how many of us older folks have ridden the Transam. FWIW, I am planning another self-supported crossing next year at age 68 - and this time I will be accompanied by another 68 y.o. and a 67 y.o. rider. At least that's the plan now - we had planned on riding it this year, but the virus interfered - so that's how plans go. Best wishes to all,

Buddy Hall

P.S. I posted this on the Crazy Guy site and have since been told about 70 y.o. Jim McTaggart's Transam in 2008.  So that's the age record - for now! 

Routes / Start Date for Lewis and Clark West to East
« on: February 25, 2020, 11:58:19 pm »
Experienced folks;

I'm contemplating riding the Lewis and Clark from Astoria, OR to the eastern end.  What's a reasonable start date?  Could I start about May 1 or is that too early with regards to snow, road closures, winter weather?  I've ridden the Transam route through OR going West to East, but I had a much later start date.   Or, those of you have ridden it; should I ride it East to West instead?  Thanks for your input to help me plan,

Buddy Hall (Transam, 2015) (Western Express, 2017)

Routes / Western Express West to East, August?
« on: March 03, 2016, 02:25:16 pm »
I'm contemplating riding the Western Express this year, starting as late as reasonably practical.  The challenge is to avoid the worst of the summer heat in NV and UT, while still finishing in CO before the early snows hit the mountain passes. Hoping to hear from any who have ridden the route later in the season; what's the latest start date you think is reasonable? I'm experienced (Transam last year, see ), I expect to take 4 or 5 weeks to cover the distance, and I will stay inside (motels, hostels) as much as possible.  I  like touring after the "normal" summer season; less traffic and crowds. The downside is that there are less fellow cyclists as well. Thanks in advance for your reply,

Buddy Hall

Routes / Transam West to East; Florence or Astoria?
« on: July 11, 2015, 08:53:00 pm »
I will be riding from Oregon to Canon City, CO on the transam starting in early August.   I initially planned to ride from Astoria, but a cyclist I met told me that the route from Astoria down the coast was pretty awful for cycling and he recommended starting in Florence.  I would appreciate advice from others who have ridden the routes; would you recommend Florence or Astoria?  I'm flying to Portland and will have to arrange transportation from there for myself regardless of which city I choose.  I will ship the bike via Fedex to a motel in the city I choose such that it arrives the day before I do.

This will be the 2nd half of the Transam for me; I completed the 1st half in May-June riding from Yorktown, VA to Canon City, CO.  So I'm doing a "both ends to the middle" tour.  Should you wish, here's the 1st half;

The Florence alternate is a bit shorter, saving about 150 miles, so that is 1 thing in its favor.  I have 5 weeks to complete the tour, and taking this alternate would buy me a couple of extra days of "slack" time to account for the inevitable issues.  But really, that's not a primary concern. Looking forward to the opinions of those in the know, thanks

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