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Looking for a new bike is definitely hard especially given the lapse of touring education in some stores around Hollywood, LA area. I'm 4'11, 98 pounds. Can generally fit a 47-49 inch bike. Does anyone have recommendations on what they have ridden and enjoyed? I'm leaning towards finding a women's suited touring bike; however, unisex is fine just as long as it comes in petite. I don't want to spend more than $2,100. The bike would be mainly suited for riding around cities. LA to SF, and commuting to and from work and home. The last tour I did was from England to France, my load was pretty light, tent, some clothing and some food all in my back rack. I have been reading tremendously and am leaning towards Cannondale but have been finding it hard to find the Touring 1 available in my size. Any tips, recommendations, advice, would be amazing, considering I'm feeling discouraged and just want to get my gears out and running again. Thank you :)

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