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Routes / My route for cross country 2016, ideas?
« on: March 18, 2016, 08:40:14 am »
Hi all,

After much consideration, Google Streetview, Crazyguyonabike blogs, advice from forum members, AADT charts from DOT's and ridewithgps algorithms I have now decided upon a route (with the occasional detour and following instincts while on the road of course) for my cross country ride from Miami to San Francisco in april, may, june. See

Do you have any last ideas / tips? I'm most uncertain about the part in east Texas (from Deweyville to Cisco) and the stretch in west California (from Mariposa to Moraga). Thanks in advance!

General Discussion / Bikeshop / Outdoor gear store in Miami, FL
« on: February 16, 2016, 04:57:17 pm »
Hi everyone,

Starting a cross country trip from Miami, FL to San Francisco, CA coming april and I need to buy some camping equipment that I cannot take with me on the flight going there. Do you have any recommendations? Store locators and dealer finders haven't really given me any useful info so far. I need to buy a stove system like the Jetboil Flash incl gas canister and I'm also on the look-out for a good quality helmet mirror - those are a novelty in the part of the world where I come from. Maybe also some other stuff that I can't think of now and probably remember once I'm there, it always happens.. I already have the bike, panniers, tent, sleeping mat and bag and all clothing items obviously.

Thanks for any help.

Routes / Options for crossing the plains from New Roads, LA to Taos, NM
« on: February 03, 2016, 11:28:45 am »
Hi all,

Still planning this trip from Miami to San Fran in apr-may-june. Was wondering if there are recommendations on routes in the middle. The first and the third leg are pretty much taken care of - a combination of ACA routes, backroads and recommendations by John Egan and John Nettles. This leaves the second leg wide open.

As it seems most of the time would be spent in Texas, not necessarily the best state to tour in from what I've heard? Would you recommend following the Southern Tier all the way to El Paso and then head north or would Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma be more interesting? I also have to consider the weather in may. Or would a straight diagonal route past Dallas using Google maps and DOT info be the easiest? See attachment.

Would like to hear fro you guys, so far the ACA forums have been of great help.

a little bicycle tourist newbie from Amsterdam.

Routes / Miami to St Augustine - Florida Connector or Atlantic Coast?
« on: January 18, 2016, 11:00:04 am »
Hi all,

Fairly new here but the community has already helped me out a lot - especially John Egan (user jamawani) who I've corresponded with over the last few weeks regarding routes in the west. Superduper thanks to him.

I've tried the search function but nothing specific comes up regarding the differences between the Florida Connector and the Atlantic Coast route to start off a cross country trip from Miami to San Francisco.

So the question is very simple: what do you consider the best route from Miami to St Augustine in april next year? I'm looking at what would be the most scenic, but considering these are my first days on the bike in the trip, availability of campgrounds and services are also important if I want to maybe cut a day short. I think winds won't be a very big factor. While I do like the idea of having ACA maps, especially in those first weeks, a series of backroad recommendations would of course also be helpful.

Further info - 3 month (apr,may,jun) bike trip from Miami to San Fran, mostly (stealth) camping, around 60-70 miles a day.

Routes / Route suggestions for apr-may-june 2016
« on: October 14, 2015, 10:56:54 am »
Hi everyone,

First I would like to say thanks for all the info the community has already given me through this forum and the awesome maps & routes that the ACA provides. Those actually sparked the trip that I'm now planning for apr-may-june next year (finally got approval from the boss, yay!). Date is set for these 3 months and I have to finish in San Francisco (girlfriend has relatives there that we will be visiting the end of june and we're flying back together). Other than that, all options are open.

Some general information - 31 years old avid road cyclist (2000 mi p/yr) from Amsterdam, first time solo tour on a touring bike, plan on doing 50/60 mi p/day, want to camp most of the time with a hot shower / bed once every 5 days or so, like to spend some time of the bike every now and then sightseeing, rafting, hiking etc

My question: I'm stuck on two routes (see attachments). Option 1 would be the well known Washington DC - San Francisco route via Trans Am and Western Express. Around 3700 miles in total. Option 2 would be a round trip San Francisco - San Francisco using parts of the Pacific Coast Route, Sierra Cascades, Route 66, Grand Canyon Connector, Utah Cliffs Loop and Western Express. Around 3000 miles in total I think. 

After deciding on the route I can proceed with actually buying the bike (building it up myself so have to look at gearing although I think both options will not differ much gearing wise) and booking flights etc. So help me out? What do you think would be the nicer option considering that I probably won't do a trip like this soon after? (I'm very aware that this in the end is a personal preference and anything is possible, but I'm still very curious to your opinions since there is so much knowledge and experience in this community and I'm only a newbie)

Here are some of my Pro's & Con's (correct me if I completely made the wrong assumption or you have a different view / experience)

Option 1
+ very well documented route incl many services, not needing to transfer between ACA routes
+ I like the idea of crossing the entire continent, a true accomplishment - feels complete with a very clear beginning and end
+ Blue Ridge Parkway I think it's really nice from what I've seen so far
+ More options to camp (although Blue Ridge Parkway is known for filled up campsites and no stealth camping possibilities)
- Weatherwise I think it's relatively early to start in april, not looking forward to very hilly, chilly, rainy days in VA, KY and MO
- While I would never be bored on a bike the long stretch through VA, KY, MO and KS seems like a bit more of the same after a while. Are these states really different to bike through?

Option 2
+ Weatherwise this works a bit better in april, but maybe too hot in may @ Las Vegas, Grand Canyon etc?
+ Options for spending some time in a few big cities like LA, San Diego, Las Vegas and Sacramento, also a bit more of the famous national parks like Grand Canyon, Zion, Yosemite, Sequoia etc
+ Easier flights - just one return trip instead of Amsterdam - Washington / San Francisco - Amsterdam
+ Easy option to cut the trip short when running late - I could just skip the last southbound part through Sierra Cascades and instead bolt right to San Francisco using the Western Express.
- Certain stretches have much less services than on the Trans Am, esp in Nevada, maybe a bit too stressful for a first timer?

Thanks in advance!!

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