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Routes / US bike route 21 Atlanta to Chatanooga
« on: October 01, 2021, 07:57:28 pm »
I got a tip from a local in Atlanta who mentioned possible flooding late Oct into Nov. There are creeks and rivers all around ,  and chasing dogs,  as you get further north into the sticks.

Anybody done this whole route , 158 miles to Chatanooga ?  Is the campground on the Silver Comet Trail any good? (no food/water, I got that)

Map link:

Any other noteworthy stops and services?   Thanks, God Bless.

South / US bike route 21 Atlanta to Chatanooga
« on: September 21, 2021, 01:40:12 pm »
Got an awesome tip on another thread to do this route to get safely from Atlanta into Chatanooga, TN.  I'm assuming  terrain won't be much of an issue. So far the map graph doesn't look too brutal.

If you've done this ride , I'd be grateful to hear any recommendations for good services, possible warmshowers host, (I am a member of that, just haven't really used it yet) , hazards, dogs etc.   

I know the section from Summerville ,   is doing a short 59 mile "sport ride" , fully SAG supported etc. so that's comforting that at least a part of this ride  is visible to the general public and they are used to seeing cyclists so that is so huge.


Thanks so much, God Bless.

Routes / going up north from Atlanta into Tennessee
« on: September 16, 2021, 03:58:05 pm »
Hi considering going up RT 411 out of Atlanta then connectors into into Tennesee, it's 307 miles to Nashville (but I may end up east of there on a farm).  The route seems to bypass the Smoky Mountains , I scoped out the terrain on Google and amazingly it looks pretty do-able so far. (I'll do a RWGPS map on it when I get more details... )

Just looking for general info, safety, services, culture , terrain . Hosting?   From someone who has done the ride.  Thanks.

Routes / New improved route NY/CT border to Northern Maine
« on: January 05, 2016, 04:44:23 pm »
Hey wassup riders!
You guys might want to check out this route to Maine from CT that I designed and rode this past Sept. MUCH less hill climbing as opposed to the "Traditional" route, the crossover through New Hampshire on this route totally rocks.
This route combines some of the old ACA route from the NY border with a more inland attack.
(some edits to the cue sheet and one cool back road addition are pending)
(If you still want brutal climbing and awesome scenery, bears and moose, take 202 past Quabbin into NH. Amazing, endless descent to NH border, though)
I hate to say it, but dealing with the small towns in eastern MA can be confusing, (bad signage)
I would also avoid many Rail Trails these days, because of, ummm, the heroin thing.
Stay inland, much easier. No bridge crossing hassles also.
It's not that hard to shoot over to RT 1 if you want to hit, say, LL Bean, but I have concluded, (as have some of the ACA map commenters) that RT 1 isn't the greatest cycling road. But yes it's great for buying stuff. I highly recomend Kittery Trading post .Once you get above Bangor it gets a lot easier, though
Getting through Concord NH is somewhat tricky, the road signage is wierd in places. But I met some of the BEST people in my life this year in NH. God Bless.
CT ranks #43 in "bike friendliness". If you are crossing through here, PM me, I'd be happy to help. Done this twice. But this route brings sanity a lot faster.
my name is Rob, I have a better mousetrap.

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