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Gear Talk / The Newer Cro-Mo Steel Frames
« on: July 27, 2016, 03:35:26 pm »
Have you noticed that the entry level steel touring bike/frame makers come up with their own cool sounding name for their "Cro-Mo" tubing?  I believe that this is because they're sourcing tubing from parts of the world that has not been certified by any recognized agency that cerifies Cro-Mo tubing.  So if the tubing has not been certified to meet any sort of ANSI standard then is it really Cro-Mo tubing?  I say no, it isn't, else the manufacturer would advertise that fact.  I believe this is why the old steel bikes made with the real stuff, Tange, Tru-Temp, Reynolds etc. have skyrocketed in price.  Something to ponder.

Routes / La Route Verte Montreal to Rimouski
« on: July 24, 2016, 07:31:46 pm »
Just finished it and had an awesome time.  Much more camping available east of Quebec City.  Met lots of interesting cyclists and local people.  The locals want to help too much sometimes.  I always start out with "excuse je ne parle le Francais. Vous parle anglais?"  And you're good to go.  Seemed perfectly safe and saw a few single females riding by themselves with no issues.  Bring your bug juice and a tent that can stand up to wind and rain.  Food is readily available along the way.  This trip changed my life as all good experiences do.


I'm not seeing any campgrounds between Montreal and Quebec City on the Route Verte.  Does anybody know what the options are?

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