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General Discussion / Trans Am advice for newbie?
« on: March 01, 2016, 02:52:19 pm »
I'm trying to sort out my first trans american ride and planning to join family and friends for the RAGBRAI at the midpoint.

I'm trying to get to Western Iowa by July 24 and was hoping to start in Oregon in mid-June. Has anyone made that trip or something similar? It seems like a mix of some of the Adventure Cycling maps can work, but I'm wondering about timing/mileage. If I started, say, in Florence, OR, and then knit together parts of TA Trail, Lewis&Clark, it seems to come to about 2,500 miles. Are there routes that aren't listed on the Adventure Cycling site that might work?

Any advice, words of wisdom on what to aim for (I was thinking about 70-90 miles per day, though that will obviously vary with terrain, etc.).

Sorry for the long note but I'd appreciate any collective wisdom you all might have.

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