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General Discussion / Guys, last minute information
« on: October 07, 2016, 08:32:52 pm »
Hey just in case someone is listed,

Me and a friend are going to the Share the Road Ride 2016 near to Los Angeles.

Just found out a lax car service to take us to Alamo St. Simi Valley with our bicycles.
I have so many good expectations of this road ride, please get in touch if you are going too!

Cheers and a weekend full of great experiences!!! 8)

General Discussion / What about travel other country to cycling?
« on: October 07, 2016, 12:52:13 pm »
Hi everyone, well I have a little experience in this sport, but I absolutely love it. When I was a kid, i remember I could spend all afternoon crossing the closest streets around the house. Then I went to collage and a few years ago started to riding almost all weekends.

I was thinking on make this more big, I would like to travel other countries with my bike. Has anyone of you started like me? with no clue! :-\

I would like to know Europe, some experience you want to share?

California / Planning my first trip to California
« on: July 08, 2016, 05:36:22 pm »
Hi everyone, I'm planning next summer make my first trip along the pacific ocean route running the San Francisco, CA to Santa Barbara, CA. I've heard that this is one of the most outstanding routes to discover marine wildlife, big trees, big waves and beautiful beaches.

We had made some other trips but none like this one, so I'm asking for some advises if someone of have taken this route before. A friend told me to first took a shuttle to lax to get our bikes with us, and then get to Santa Barbara to start our adventure.

This is what we are planing to roll, we have almost a year to make it real, but first we want to collect all the information we can about safety and places to stay on our way, Also, if somebody know a easy and cheaper way to get we will appreciate your advice.

Thanks a lot, I hope coincide with any of you in any way  "

Hi everyone, well, let me tell you, my best friend and I are planing this year make our first trip along the pacific route. We have so many question about it, that we are planing it with anticipation because we really don't want to messed up. We are used to use hiking boots while riding, I personally use my Comfort High GTX, buuuut thinking about different kind of weather in California compared to Bozeman, Montana, it will be boots shoes the perfects based on our experience?

Thanks a lot!

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