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General Discussion / electric bikes air transport
« on: April 22, 2016, 07:47:24 pm »
referring to the item on electric bikes in the recent magazine please note:

many airlines do not accept electric bikes anymore. and if they do it is by request only.

electric bikes are powered by a very powerful Lithium-ion battery which is restricted by IATA dangerous goods regulations (IATA DGR). consumer goods containing hazardous materials are sometimes exempt from these regulations. this is mostly for practical reasons; think powered wheel chairs or laptops.
due to the significant incident increase involving Lithium-ion powered items; articles and vehicles such as hooverboards; airlines are more reluctant to accept these consumer items for air transport. main reason: Lithium fires are extremely hard to extuingish.

disassembling these batteries provides a challenge as well. these batteries are not allowed in ANY checked or carry-on baggage and will result in removal and possibly even a IATA DGR violation fine.
shipping these batteries with for example UPS is not really an option either. shipped as cargo IATA DGR apply; resulting in high rates for packaging and transport. there is an option shipping by continentally by truck. CFR49 limitations are less restricted in regard to IATA DGR.


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