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I am thinking of doing a cross country tour next summer (Sierra Cascade or Atlantic route) and looking to make some modifications to my stock-component 2009 Surly LHT, primarily to make it as comfortable as possible to climb with load for long stretches. I have done long-ish trips before (RAGBRAI, Red Ribbon Ride, and multi-day hotel camping trips with friends) but not with a loaded bike. So, my question: what is the single best modification/investment I can make to my Trucker? TIA!

Gear Talk / Surly ECR for Sierra Cascades or Atlantic route
« on: July 07, 2016, 09:40:39 am »
Has anyone ridden the Surly ECR on the Adventure Cycling Association's routes? I'm considering the Sierra Cascades route or the Atlantic route for next summer. Can anyone advise as to the appropriateness of this bike for primarily paved roads, ascents/descents with load? Any mods recommended? Any other ACA routes people have ridden with the ECR?

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