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GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Best GPS device for cycling
« on: July 15, 2016, 09:41:56 am »
Hey folks

I am soon to go on a big big ride around of northern Ireland. Along side trying to find a decent mountain bike I am also considering buying a GPS device for my bike, never had one before and I like the idea of it. I have done light research and already I am over whelmed by all the devices on the market!! there are lots! It's seems obv that different devices have different features... like tracking speed, and distances, has bluetooth and some have touchscreens like smart phones....some even can tell you if you have an incoming call/txt from your smart phone...  which seem handy...thats just to name a few... I see there are brands such as Garmin, Wahoo , polar and Magellan , sure there are doezen more! I am happy to pay a good price if it means I can keep it for a while. I want something not too big...

I found a pic out of 100's! but this for me seems like an ideal size... could go abit smaller...

any suggestions would be much appreciated!

thanks in advance

Hello folks

I am new to the forum and I joined as I would like buy a mountain and it is my first one. So I would like to get suggestions from people that are experienced mountain bikers.

I live in Ireland so there is alot of country side and why not take advantage of it! To give you an idea of the kinds of routes I am interested in ... some road and some off beaten track, for those not familiar with ireland ...feel free to copy and paste the places I will mention to get a good idea of my needs for reliable suggestions

a) Connemara's national park - 29.57 km² which boasts scenic mountains, expanses of bogs, heaths, grasslands and woodlands

b)The Kingfisher trail- county fermanagh... the Kingfisher Trail loops around lakes and islands, winds by rivers and streams, and passes through woods and forest and country parks.

c) The Derroura mountain bike trail -  is circular and includes miles of singletrack trails with big climbs and big descents over a wide variety of sometimes difficult terrain that is only suitable for mountain bikes. Parts of the trail are technical, steep and rocky and include exposed rock slabs, boulders, mud, roots, loose gravel and elevated timber boardwalks.

d) Mourne mountains - 27km red trail also a 19km black trail and also The 'Mega Mission' downhill trail :-)

Now i do cycle alot anyways so I have some training but i will pick out easier trails to start with however I am looking for a bike that can handle easy and hard routes.

found this... could be worth it?...

So... what kind of mountain bikes are there... suspension... break systems... tyres and wheels robust enough for the trails.

look forward to your suggestions!

thanks in advance! Sal

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