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Corridor Plan Updates & Routing Within Corridors / Southern IL Route
« on: April 16, 2009, 07:12:32 pm »
I want to make bicyclists aware of a possible new Route being worked on by the communities of Southern Illinois.  This route would extend from the MetroEast area across from St. Louis and start on Illinois 161 going through the communities of New Baden, Germantown, Hoffman, Centralia  then going across Illinois 37 through the rural area of the villages of Johnsonville, Cisne, Mt. Erie, West Salem and going toward Mt. Carmel.  This route would link up to Louisville, Ky.  There is a state Park on this route.  Also some wineries nearby the route.  We are just starting but need encouragement and feedback.  We would like to welcome bicyclists from all over the U.S.  We would like any ideas.

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