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Gear Talk / Newbie Road Touring Need Help with Gear Questions
« on: May 31, 2018, 01:08:41 pm »
Hi All!

Need some help deciding what gear is best for ultralight setup road touring. 
I'm trying to keep my gear down to less than 20 pounds with camping and simple cooking stove.

I'm doing the Pacific Coast Route in August.

a)  Can't decide to use SPD pedals or go with BMX style flat pedals and good rubber sold shoes (ie FiveTen)?

Pro of SPD:
More power and pedaling efficiency, utilize different muscle groups of the leg to minimize fatigue, I'm already familiar with it and I have both the cleats and SIDI mountain bike shoes already. 

Con of SPD:   
Need to pack an additional pair of shoes for days off bike walking around town, etc which would additional weight.

Pro of Flat Pedal and Rubber sole shoes:
Easy on and off, Need to pack only one pair of shoes so less weight to overall gear

Con of Flat Pedal and Rubber Sole shoes:
Less power and pedal efficiency, utilize primarily the calf muscles to push down, additional gear that I need to buy (both the flat pedals and five ten shoes).

b)  Bike Headlights
Thinking about going with the "torch" style flashlights like Tank007 to be used as a bike headlight or camp light.  I won't be riding at night so don't really know if a headlight is absolutely necessary except when it gets possibly foggy.  I will definitely have a rear flashing strobe type light but not sure what is out there and what is best for UL system.

Gear Talk / Idworx Easy Rohler
« on: March 15, 2017, 04:07:33 pm »
Hi.  I'm a complete newbie to cycle touring and want to get into it at some point and do an extended southeast asia tour on a bike.  I'm an avid road cyclist and lightweight backpacker already so I'm guessing cycle touring wouldn't be too difficult to learn.

I have the change to buy an used Idworx Easy Rohler (from Germany) in my size with Rohloff hubs.  I've read some general info. about the bike and about Rohloff hubs but would love to hear pro's and con's from someone that has direct experience with this bike.

Gear Talk / Davidson Titanium Road Bike
« on: August 05, 2016, 03:07:27 am »

Hi There,

I could really use some advice on a purchasing a "used" bike for touring.  I have the opportunity to purchase a used 2008 Davidson Titanium Road Bike, custom built, that is exactly my size for a very good price.  I am wanting to buy the bike to do some self-supported bike touring trips that are either 3 - 7 days long to start.  Maybe even longer when I really get into it.  However, I am not sure if the "Davidson titanium Road Bike" could be converted to a good touring bike since I'm not sure if it has any eyelets for panniers, whether the geometry would be good for touring, and whether it has enough clearance to put on a fatter tire like a 700cc x 35.   

I presently have a wonderful Specialized Ruby Pro Carbon Road Bike that I love to ride and do ride it quite often.  However, I am wanting to get into bike touring and my carbon frame bike is not capable of carrying panniers or heavy loads.  Hence, I have been looking for another bike with titanium frame to lighten my load as much as possible so I can ride longer trips with high elevation gains on my tours.   For those that says it's not necessary to go the titanium route on a touring bike, I tell them that every pound that your pulling matters when you weigh only 107 pounds!  :)

1)  Specifically, does anyone have experience with Davidson Titanium Road Bike being used as a "touring" bike?
2)  If the road bike doesn't have eyelets, are there any other way of getting panniers on?  I know Thule makes a Pack'n Pedal Tour Rack that attaches to almost any type of bike.

3) Any other consideration?

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