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Rocky Mountain / Bosie to Salt Lake City (Heber UT) route help
« on: May 11, 2011, 03:24:17 pm »
I plan to do Credit Card touring from Portland to the Denver area starting about June 8.   I need some help in routing from the point where I leave the Columbia to Salt Lake City (Heber).   Since I will need motels (or Warm Showers people) I am planning to stay near the I-84 corridor.   Any advice on this routing would be appreciated. 

Tom - Longmont, CO

Pacific Northwest / Portland OR to Salt Lake City route?
« on: May 04, 2011, 11:19:44 pm »
Plan to do Credit card touring from Portland OR to SLC (Heber UT) starting June 7.   Would like routing suggestions.

Gear Talk / front/rear pannier loading for credit card touring
« on: March 04, 2010, 10:44:41 am »
On my first self-supported non-camping bike tour I found I could put all my stuff in my rear panniers and trunk bag.  I was packed relatively heavily due to a 6 lb computer and cold weather clothes.  This resulted in a significant degradation in bike handling when descending.  Plan to do my next tour with front panniers on a low rider rack and pack less in the rear.  Do you have any suggestions to help me get this optimized?

Routes / Western Express - NV - early June
« on: January 15, 2010, 10:49:39 pm »
I plan to ride from SF to Ely, NV following the Western Express route departing SF 6/01/10.  Plan to do this credit card style, no camping or cooking.  Wonder about services (water, food & lodging) when in NV.  Wonder about weather along the whole route.   Please advise. 

I plan to leave the WE route after Ely staying on US 6 toward Provo, UT, then US 191 and finally US 40 to cross Colorado as I head for Boulder/Longmont.   Any thoughts on that route across Utah?   


California / San Luis Obispo to Palm Springs
« on: October 05, 2009, 02:32:03 pm »
Planning a tour from SF to Palm Springs starting later this month (October).   Somewhere we need to head inland to an eventual destination of Palm Springs.  Might do so at San Luis Obispo or much closer to LA, perhaps as far as Santa Monica.   One of our riders is older and riding an recumbent so avoiding a lot of steep, long climbs would be good.   Advice?   

Connecting ACA Routes / Anacordes to Cape Cod
« on: August 10, 2009, 08:46:29 pm »
I plan to do the N. Tier from Anacordes to Grand Rapids MN (or at least to eastern ND) and then go to Dulth, St. Ignace, down the Michigan Lake Huron shore to Port Huron, across Ontario to Niagra Falls, along the Erie Barge Canal and across Mass to Cape Cod.  Any advice on routing would be welcome.   Hoping that a late spring, early summer ride makes for some more direct riding than some of the more circuitous portions of the NT route.  Also would like to know a good route from Fargo ND to Manatowc WI in case we are ahead of schedule I might do some R&R near Ludington, MI.   

Would also like some advice on timing like suggested departure date, (and/or miles/day) as I need to arrive in Rogers City, MI (60 miles from the straits) no later than July 9.  I plan to motel the route and will not be carrying camping gear.   Have many miles (over 50K) under my saddle but only 500 doing unsupported touring.   

Tom Dettloff
Longmont CO

I would like to load all the waypoint data for two sections of the ST route into MapSource and download both the map, waypoints, and route data to my GPSmap 60CS so I am not dependent on my computer for the ride across the two sections.  Please advise me of how to do that.   

Also, in general I would like to not erase existing downloaded MapSource data when I download new data unless I run up against a memory constraint in the 60CS as I would like to keep my local area map data there.   Again, please advise.

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