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General Discussion / TOURING AFTER COVID
« on: January 31, 2021, 11:09:04 pm »
Hello everyone, I am recovering from Covid which i got last December. At 67 years of age i was blessed to make it through although it seems a may end up being what the doctors call a "Long Hauler". Issues after Covid. Touring was my sport. I was planning on the Canada to Mexico route this Summer but honestly, i don't think i can handle it with my current rig. Covid left me with Lung and Heart complications. God willing, if i am able to recover capacity in my lungs and heart, i want to get back to it. At this point i feel as if i may have to move to an electric bike for touring. I was doing road and gravel touring pre Covid. Can anyone give me some advice on what would be a good electric bike set up for both gravel and road touring? I have never used an electric bike and hills typically killed me before, so i know they won't be any easier now. Thanks in advance for your knowledge.

Gear Talk / Recommendations for gearing
« on: February 24, 2018, 12:51:17 am »
Hello everyone,
I have a Novara Safari 2016 model from REI. Love the bike except for me, the gearing isn't the easiest for. The bike rides fine and pedals well on the flats and down hill. The issue comes in on the hills. It just feels like i could use some lower gears. I have a mountain bike with mountain bike gearing that is great on the hills. I am relatively new to this sport and i know there are tons of riders here with plenty of experience that might be able to steer me in the right direction. I am a heavy rider at 240 pounds so when the bike is loaded up for bear, with my weight and gear it's pretty heavy. Hence the hills give me trouble. I understand this bike was probably designed by REI for a 170 pound rider but that's not my world. I wish it was and am working on that. Here is the specs on the Novara Safari. Crankset is Shimano 48/36/26, - Bottom bracket Shimano Octalink, - Front derailleur - Shimano Deore, Rear Derailleur - Shimano Deore Shadow, Rear Cogs - Shimano HG4009, 11-34, 9 speed. 27 gears, Chain is Shimano Deore. Can anybody give me some tips on how to get lower gearing without changing out the entire drive train and breaking the bank?

General Discussion / Weight Distribution
« on: March 04, 2017, 06:58:18 pm »
Hello Everyone,

I am building up my first touring bike and signed up for a week long bike ride in Montana with AC. This is a back woods carry all your stuff gig. This has probably been answered a million times before but since I'm new, it's all new to me. I have heard than on a unloaded bike with rider on it, the natural weight distribution is 60/40. 60% rear and 40% front. Seems logical to me. I have also heard that you don't want to weigh down the back end of the bike too much or you risk squirrely feeling front end. Makes sense also. My question is, what is the optimal weight ratio an average rider should be looking for? The assumption is that there will be 4 panniers on the bike. Two in front and two in the rear. Thanks in advance!!

Gear Talk / Newbie Needs Advice
« on: February 15, 2017, 11:06:06 pm »
Hello Adventure Cyclists!

I am new to adventure cycling although not new to cycling. I have mountain biked since the days of running down the Santa Cruz mountains on a modified Schwinn cruiser! So now I just spilled the beans on my age bracket, (60s). I’ve also done a fair amount of road cycling for charities, etc. That being said, riding long daily distances 100+ miles a day is not foreign to me. So, the natural progression is touring. I am pretty excited about learning this sport but know nothing about it. This is where you all come in. I joined Adventure Cycling and have been reading article after article. I have found that some of the nicest people I have met have been while riding my bike. So, I have a dilemma and am looking to your expertise as a result of your experience in this sport to save me from making some common mistakes.

I recently purchased a 2016 REI Novara Safari. It was last years close out for $713. For a basic set up I thought the price was fair. I do not have the typical roadie physique, slender and light weight. I am a pretty stout dude. Just the way God made me I guess. Not fat, heavy bone density, muscular and not the kind of guy you would typically see on a road bike. But I love the sport. The maximum this bike is rated to carry is 250 pounds. I come in at 225 pounds although I could probably drop to 200 after training. Because I want to use this bike for road touring and bike hiking, I am concerned that I will be running very close to the bikes weight capacity. The last thing I want when taking this bike across the country is a failure. I suspect the frame will hold up better than the wheels/spokes.
I would like to upgrade this bike but not sure what to focus on and what to stay away from and not waste my money. This is where you all come in. Obviously, you have much more experience than I and I would greatly benefit from your experience on what to possibly upgrade. Dropping 25 pounds and an intense training regimen is underway. I will list the specifications of the bike below for reference. Your input would be greatly appreciated and who knows? I might see you on the highways and byways! Thanks in advance.

Frame                Double-butted chromoly steel Fork   Chromoly
Bike Suspension        No Suspension
Crankset                Shimano, 48/36/26
Bottom Bracket        Shimano Octalink
Shifters                Microshift SL-A09 thumb
Front Derailleur        Shimano Deore
Rear Derailleur        Shimano Deore, Shadow
Rear Cogs                Shimano HG4009, 11-34, 9-speed
Number of Gears     27 gear(s)
Brake Type        Mechanical Disc Brake
Brakes                TRP Spyke mechanical disc
Brake Levers        Shimano Deore
Rims   Alex               ATD 470
Front Hub                Shimano Deore, 36h
Rear Hub                Shimano Deore, 36h
Wheel Size           700c
Tires                        Vittoria Randonneur, 700 x 48
Tire Width                48 millimeters
Handlebar Shape     Trekking Bar (Butterfly)
Saddle                 Brooks B17 Standard Mens
Pedals                 SPD
Headset                 FSA with turn limiter
Chain                 Shimano Deore
Weight                 30.7 pounds


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