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Food Talk / Dehydrated Meals @ WalMart
« on: April 09, 2017, 05:42:58 pm »
Bear Creek Country Kitchens  has9-12 ounce package mixes of Chili, Vegetable Beef, Cheddar Potato and Minestrone.

All four can be had for less than $13-dollars.

What I do is to mic all four packages together. When ready for a meal, boil 1 cup water and add 1/3 cup of the mixture and  simmer until tender.

I always have cooked rice from the evening or days before and mix this in with the thickened soup/chili/potato mix.

The thing is, you get 25 1/3 cup servings from this set up for $13-dollars. About $0.50 per serving. Add in a cup of cooked rice or other grain such a Quiona and it is pretty darn good.

A whole lot cheaper than some other options, especially if you add in some Mozzarella Cheese to the mic, and 2-3 Tablespoons of Tomato Paste to the cooking mixture. Season with Thai Chili Paste and it is surprisingly good and works in cooler climates (the cheese).

Try them out at home to finesse the experience, I will bet it can work for you. 

Gear Talk / Packing Techniques for Ortlieb Front Roller Classics
« on: April 03, 2017, 11:49:47 pm »
Hello ya'll,

Just thought that I would give another method to store gear and such in the Ortlieb Front Roller bags.

I can store 1 pair of full length Nylon pants, a Polyester Shirt and a Pair of socks in one of these.

My MSR Dragonfly with Dragon Tamer 3 (Bernie Dog) fits in one with windscreen, click stand and repair kit.

Anyhow, the idea is there. These can be watertight with a silicon gasket on the lid. They stack up four per pannier, and I have four Front Rollers for a total of 16-food grade plastic containers that are watertight.

I then use an Ortilieb Rack pack (largest available) for the MSR Twin Brothers Tent Tarp and two UST HEX B.A.S.E. 1.1 Tarps, along with a 0-degree synthetic sleeping bag and tyvek groundcloth.

It is quite a Taj Mahal when fully deployed.

Hope that some might find some ideas in all of this. Food storage, mechanical storage, tube storage, first aid kit storage, clothing storage etc... I try to stay dry and comfortable and not carry so many clothes. Eating well is a priority.

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