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Others have noted the same thing, but I would like to point out that the original Three Capes Route over Cape Meares is open to bikes.  The official ACA advice is to take an alternative route over the Ekloff road.  That route is OK, but the original route over Cape Meares is more scenic and has low (in some places no) traffic.    There is a rideable packed gravel section of about 100 feet and two of 25 feet in the section that is closed to cars.  I was there today (8/12/2018) to verify.   Ekloff Road has a lot more gravel and is considerably less scenic.  The road south from Tillamook to the Ekloff Road is not particularly pleasant.

I see lots of bikers riding the dangerous section of Highway 131 toward Netarts -- some of them probably because of the impression that the route over Cape Meares is closed. 

Routes / Notes from recent Oregon Coast ride
« on: June 13, 2017, 11:30:33 am »
There must be somewhere else to share notes from recent trips, but I have not found it, so thought I would share here.  I rode from Tillamook to Crescent City June 5-10.  A few things that others might (or might not) find useful:
•   The road around Cape Meares is closed to cars but open to bikes, with about 200 feet of gravel.  (this could change if they start working on the road) The road around the Cape is longer than staying on Route 131, but WAY more scenic and way safer.  IMHO Route 131 past the turnoff to Cape Meares going south is the most hazardous section on the whole Oregon Coast route.  An experienced cycle tourist was killed there a few years ago.
•   Whalen Island Campground (Map 16) at Sand Lake is closed, reportedly for the summer of 2017.  Nearby Sand Lake campground is mainly used by dunebuggy enthusiasts so likely to be noisy.  Nearby Webb County Park is close to a good restaurant and coffee shop and the ocean and has showers, but charges bikers $20 for a site plus $9 each additional person.  Grumpy host.
•   Going south of Neskowin be sure to not to turn left at the first sign for Slab Creek Road.  You want the next left, about a half-mile further, which also says Slab Creek Road.  And you really want to take Slab Creek not 101.
•   Beverly Beach State Park:  Amazing biker amenities here (and maybe other state parks):  Repair stand, pump, basic tools, and lockers with power outlets and USB ports inside.
•   Nye Beach Café in Newport is right on-route, good food, easy place to keep eye on bikes.
        On the Coos Bay bridge I walked the sidewalk to the peak of the bridge, then hopped on the bike in a gap in traffic for the downhill section.
•   Sunset Bay campground:  Pretty much no cell service here.
•   The southbound sidewalk on the bridge in Florence was closed for construction in June 2017 – looked like it could be summer-long.
•   Thai food at Khun Thai in Brookings is a definite cut above your average neighborhood Thai place.  Easy ride in from Harris Beach state park.

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