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General Discussion / Northern Tier and which stove
« on: November 11, 2018, 02:11:47 am »
Have ridden the Pacific Coast last summer and contemplating cycling the Northern Tier for a next trip. What surprised me was the ease with which to get gas canister in comparison to Cloeman/ Crown fuel. I took with me my MSR dragonfly and had to really search and ask for Coleman fuel (1L. containers) wheras gas canister where available left, right and center. Do not really like using petrol.

I am wondering is it just as easy to get canisters along the Northern Tier as it was on the PCT? For if it is I will be bringing a gas stove (Triangia) instead of my Dragonfly.

I would really appreciate thounghts on this this from those who have ridden the Northern Tier recently.

Routes / ODT - WA Elhwa River Road to Joyce Piedmont Road
« on: February 14, 2018, 06:31:32 am »
I have been making two trails here. One based on the ODT - pink line on the map and the other is a combination of the ACA map and the book Cycling the Pacific Coast by Bill Thorness.
I am wondering how difficult the ODT is between Elhwa River Road and Joyce-Piedmont Rd. Is it possible to cycle this part on a fully loaded bike (carrying around 21kg of luggage).

Would appreciate any thoughts and ideas on this part.

Food Talk / thoughts on Evernew titanium pots
« on: November 27, 2017, 04:06:28 am »
I would appreciate any experience on the Evernew non-stick titanium pots. At the moment I have a GSI nonstick pot which is fine but since I am slightly changing things around equipment wise I went searching for a cup with measurements on it (am replacing my 1.5L nalgene bottle for a Klean Canteen 1.9L and then no longer have a way to measure liquids. During this search I came across Evernew in particular this cup with matching lid: and It is going to double as my waterkettle/ mug and measurer. Since I am coming to Canada/ states in 2018 I thought that I might as well update my regular cookingpot with non-stick 0.9L or the 1.3L for it has measurements on it as well as a pouring spout. Something I have missed in my pots until now. Am still contemplating whether to swop my MSR non stick skillet for an Evernew probably the 18cm version By replacing these items it will reduce the weight of my cooking outfit roughly by 150 to 200grams. Back home these pots and pans are twice as expensive so if I want to go for titanium this would be the right time.

But like mentioned before I no experience with (non-stick) titanium pots whatsoever so any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Routes / Pacific Coast question - WA area - advice hugely appreciated
« on: October 06, 2017, 06:23:10 am »
 :)I am busy slowly planning the route I would like to take from Vancouver to San Francisco this summer. And am making a mix of the ACA tracks and the Bicycling the Pacific Coast book.

I am getting a bit stuck between July Creek campground and Twin Harbors State Park. The ACA route goes quite a bit inland for a long time. It does not go back towartds the coast till Warrenton whereas the Bicycling the... goes towards Aberdeen and then follows the 105 till Warrenton where both routes follow the same track again.

I am wondering is there a specific reason that the ACA sticks to the 101 instead of following the 105 for a bit? For if there is no particular reason I am inclined to follow the 105 from Aberdeen.

Any thoughts would be really welcome and helpful.

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